Region 7A MSHSL Art Contest

South Ridge School participated in this year’s Region 7A MSHSL Art Contest which was held at the new Moose Lake School on April 3rd. Nearly 120 entires were submitted region wide with 12 categories. South Ridge students were awarded two “Best of Show” – A Johnson, “Neon Clown”, Digital Art and C Dufton, “Butterfly Barrette”, Craft.  A Johnson, “Neon Clown”, also was awarded our only Excellent rating receiving 20/20 points.  C Dufton, “Butterfly Barrette”; “G Gundy, Succulent Sculpture”; K Graves “Diamond Bee,Printmaking; I Dean, “Portrait, Digital Art; and A Johnson”Succulent Bowl” all received Superior Ratings.

Student from through the arrowhead region were able to spend time together painting on a mural (to be installed at the Moose Lake school), drawing henna designs on to their arms and hands, ordering (and watching) a silk screened Tshirt made for them, throw clay on the wheel or enjoy drawing with friends. Great work everyone! We had a wonderful time!

A Johnson “Neon Clown”, Digital Art, Best of Show/Excellent Rating

L Schmelz “Portrait of an Older Person”, Painting

A Johnson “Succulent Clay Bowl”, Ceramics

I Dean “Portrait”, Digital Art, Superior Rating

C Loumala “Powerlines”, Digital Photography

C Loumala “Snowy Owl” (Porcupine Quill on Birchbark) Craft

G Gundy, Succulent Bowl”, Ceramics, Superior Rating

C Wallace “The Wolf and the Crows”, Painting

L Schmelz “Claw” (Porcupine Quill on Birchbark), Craft

N Olson “Nick” Digital Photography

S Vlaminick “Start of Fall”, Painting

K Graves “Diamond Bee” Printmaking, Superior Rating

J Class “Fox in Snow”, Painting

C Dufton “Landscape Near the Coast” Painting

C Dufton ‘ Butterfly” (porcupine Quill on Birchbark), Best of Show in Craft/Superior Rating

giminodimaadizikenin – we all make a good life

Historically public art, whether murals or mosaics, empowers folks. Often public art is the voice piece for those often unheard. South Ridge 8th grade created hand painted tiles for this 30′ long mosaic mural of the Ojibwe word giminaadimaadizikenin meaning we all work together for good.

Students studied and redrew flowering vegetables, wild flowers and fruits in the Ojibwe floral design style. These botanicals, which are based on flowering plants from our area in northern Minnesota surround the text.

In these days we need something to remind us of each other – how much we need each other. Good work benefits all of us. These days it’s a great reminder that we need to do our best – for all of us.

miigwech to Lowana Greensky and Sonny Greensky for sharing their knowledge and language with us.

Carl Gawboy and the Ojibwe Star Stories

© Annette Lee & William Wilson 20120813

South Ridge 7th grade students have been studying the Ojibwe and Greek star maps as they created their own Planetarium Umbrellas. They also created three new “personal” star constellations based in a creative writing lesson.

Students will retell Ojibwe Star stories as they have been shared with them by artist and historian Carl Gawboy at the public performance on May 3rd, 5 PM in the South Ridge school Forum.(MSAB Arts Learning grant with Frank Theatre)










VTS_03_1 Carl Gawboy Shingebis and the Wintermaker from SouthRidgeART on Vimeo.

VTS_02_1 The Great Flood from SouthRidgeART on Vimeo.

VTS_04_1 Carl Gawboy Fisher Saves the Birds from Skyland from Media Art on Vimeo.

Minnesota State Arts Board Awards Arts Learning grant to South Ridge School

We are thrilled to have again received the MSAB Arts learning grant for 2016-2017. This grant provides funding to support for programming in the 3-4th gra classrooms, afterschoolSTEAM (3-7th) and 7th grade art class. Students retell traditional stories through theatre. Writing activities and theatre games provide skills towards a successful theatre production. Additional support is provided through the National Endowment for the Arts, the Legacy Fund of Minnesota, American Indian Student Services and the Northland Learning Center. Additional support is still needed.

It is a wonderful experience to work with other students and staff in a creative effort such as this. If your child is in these grades please watch for information coming home early in the Fall on how your child can participate.IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_1568

Drawing and Painting Students and Pastels

1IMG_16591IMG_16601IMG_16621IMG_16631IMG_16651MG_16581MG_1661Students in the HS Painting and Drawing class worked with pastels as a way to learn about mixing color. Working with pastels can be challenging since the  medium is a very soft chalk stick, easily broken and can create a lot of dust. As easy as the chalks are to blend with other colors – just as easily they can tint other areas – add to color where you don’t want it. Students took on the work with a good attitude and produced wonderful work.

Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Hailey C, Dev of Design 8
Riley K., Dev of Design 8
Tarius L., Dev of Design 8
Ben W., Dev of Design 8

Art students submitted illustrations for the annual national Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is an  art and science-based curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school. The program encourages students to explore their natural world, invites them to investigate biology and wildlife management principles and challenges them to express and share what they have learned with others.

South Ridge students have regularly done very well. Living in rural Minnesota students are well aware of the importance of protecting our wetlands. Knowledge of animal life, in particular ducks and birds, are more available, many of the students seeing ducks in their daily lives.

8th grade students shown here used colored pencils to demonstrate the characteristics of their chosen duck, the season and habitat the duck lives in.

South Ridge Art Department receives Minnesota State Arts Board Arts Learning grant with Frank Theatre

2-26b2-26cSouth Ridge School again has received the Art’s Learning grant through the Minnesota State Arts Board! This grant provides funding for professional teaching artists Wendy Knox and Emily Zimer to work with 3rd – 7th grade students building writing, and public speaking skills through theatre games and creative writing. Two residencies have been designed – the first in the Fall, the other in the Spring. Both residencies will explore traditional and cultural stories from around the world with the Spring residency focusing on the stories told to us through the stars taught in Ojibwe culture.

The Fall performance will be at the annual Title I and JOM parents night at South Ridge. Everyone is invited to attend! In the Sping Carl Gawboy, a local artist and historian (retired CSS prof) who is an expert on the star constellations and their stories will retell the stories with Frank teaching artists to the students. After discussion about their meaning students will retell these stories using their what they have learned in the residency.

South Ridge students have been invited to retell these stories at the Annual Elders Feat at the Brookston Center in April. Everyone is invited to attend and share in the feast and performance.

This project is made possible through the Minnesota State Arts Board, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment, Minnesota Power, Northland Learning Center, ISD 2142 American Indian Student Support and local foundations and business support such as Minnesota Power. Without the generous support such activities would not be possible.