Frank Lloyd Wright Windows


Your sketchbook is one of your most important tools. It is a place to record your ideas, assignments, sketches and drawings. You will use it everyday in Introduction to Design 7.

Introduction to Frank Lloyd Wright. After studying the work of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright,we will focus on his stained glass window designs.  Using your iPad take pictures of wild flowers/plants will participating in the class walk. Complete realistic drawing of your favorite wildflower/plant. Look up the plant on your iPad for more information to help you draw. Based on the original drawings you will create a geometric designs using paint markers for your journal covers.

Realistic drawings – Part 1 Images will be based on wildflowers found in northern Minnesota. Realistic drawings describe and identify the plant based on leaf shape and vein structure, how the leaf is attached and arranged on the stem, the flowers or fruit, and roots structure.

Write the name (common and scientific) general identifiable characteristics including where it is found and time of year it blooms; leaf and stem construction ID; and fruit/flower information.  Add description (like in a comic book) if your drawing needs some help. What is it’s size and flower color? Where are these flowers found?

Geometric Design – Part 2 Based on the drawings, create a geometric designs created using simplified shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle) and straight lines (thick, thin) on paper. Compositions need to fit on the front of your sketchbook covers and reflect the original plant.

Comic Book! – Part 3 Collect photographs of your work on the sketchbook cover. Suggested photographs include: a photo of the original realistic drawing with the sketch of the design planned on for the cover; progress as the cover in worked on with paint markers; finished cover detail and finished cover (with partial portrait of you!). In Comic Book! choose a 4 cell page. Add the Headline, Subhead, “by line” and photographs with text bubbles. Send to

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