giminodimaadizikemin Mosaic

giminodimaadizikemin – we all make a good life

gima and min make it inclusive plural, meaning everyone

Using mosaic tiles we are going to make a mosaic sign to go above the art studio windows that says, in Ojibwe, giminodimaadizikemin, meaning we all make a good life. First prepare painted “color match” sheets of paper to use in the mosaic. These sheets will be cut up into “tiles”. Create shades and tints to use in the mosaic.

Second draw floral designs in the Ojibwe style of simplifying real Minnesota Wild flowers and flowering fruits and Berries. Complete a three -five drawings of different Minnesota flowering wild flowers, fruits or berries. Be particularly careful in the overall shape of your subject. Go over the edges of your drawing with a black sharpie to simplify. Refer to the Bandolier bags posters in the studio.

Your drawings will be incorporated into the mosaic preparatory design. A grid will be drawn on the sign and your drawings placed on the sign (28″ high x 30′ long) . The text will be centered. The background will be filled with Ojibwe floral designs. We will work together to complete the foreground (word and floral design) first and the background will be completed last.

You will be graded on your participation in class on the mural,;your attention to details in completing the mosaic as assigned; and management of time, materials/tools and behavior in the studio.