scratch-logoScratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games and share those creations online.

We will begin working through the five tutorials. Creating stories (animations) and sharing them on line with the world. Go to this link in Scratch and create an account. Create online name (favorite color, favorite number, favorite vegetable) and school password.


Assignment One – Exploration Select the “question mark” button found at the top right of your screen and complete the ten tutorials. Save to your file (My Stuff) as well as to the “Scratch Exploration” (Class Studio). Embed six of your favorite projects to your web page by adding the code into a table (created in Dreamweaver). Change the embedded image size from 485 x 402 to 240 x 200.  See the example.

Assignment Two – Create a Game. Design a game and implement using Scratch. Your game must have two “characters” or “competing forces” such as “good” vs “bad” or “blue” vs. “red”  (the basis of your game’s conflict). Create two levels with two different backgrounds. The “good” is programmed to move around using the keyboard and react when it touches the bad force(s). The bad force moves around the stage in a random fashion or be in random places – adding to the challenge. Include sound. Be sure to make notes (directions) to the player clearly describing what to do and maybe what they should consider. Make it challenging and fun!

Embed the dose on to your web page.

Save to your file (My Stuff) as well as to the “Game Design” (Class Studio). Once everyone is done we will play/critique each others games.

Assignment Three – Animation of a Story. Complete creative writing assignment (clever story with beginning, middle and end based on “Phenomenal Binomial”) in class. Design an animated story based on your creative writing assignment using Scratch.

Your animated story must have two+ “characters” with costumes (allowing the movement to be animated), use two different backgrounds, include purposeful sound (bird flying by, door banging shut, etc.), minimal text bubbles (the animation should show the story – we don’t want to read the story). Be sure to make notes (directions) to the player clearly describing what to do/how to play your animation.Consider the viewer. Make it fun!

Save to your file (My Stuff) as well as to the “Assignment #3” (Class Studio). Critique (giving positive critical advise) to three animation/animators. First variation due this Thursday, March 9th. Final animation due next Tuesday March 14th.

Embed the animation in a new post on to your web page.

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