Digital Poetry Picture Book

The Photo Essay is a story told in a series of  about 20 photographs. Shown in a specific order the photo essay includes a beginning, middle and end. Through the images the words are visualized. Different points of view (POV), variation of shots (macro, close up, medium, wide or long) and choices in composition (Rule of Thirds, foreground/background)) determine what the viewer interprets the words.

Based on a poem chosen through the Poetry OUTLOUD site create a digital picture book using Your original photographs should incorporate a variety of shots, narrative POV and clean composition. The layout of each page is pre-determined to a large extent through shutterfly. For ease in layout will will use an online book publisher – shutterfly.

shutterbugYour login for is, password   panther. Everyone is using the same login information.

Each book will have 20 pages of original photographs illustrating the entire poem. If you need to use more than 20 images the individual page’s layout will allow you to choose a layout to support your ideas. Some pages have 3 -5 images/page.

Once  logged into Shutterfly create a Custom Path>Portfolio – Artist Portfolio, Modern Portfolio or Landscapes & Flora’s.  Select either Modern Black or Modern White. Choose from the overall book size and layouts suggested by Shutterfly. Do not use all of the page layout options – choose 3-5 to use throughout the book. Save your book in Shutterfly  – “Your initial_Poem title and By author last name”

First, add the type. as you have read through the poem determine the natural breaking points – phrases that bring specific ideas and/or images to your mind. This will determine the page layout/image placement. Do not delete or add pages. Critique you book often. Re-shoot images. This is not meant to be “linear” but abstract and circular in nature. Images are to illustrate the poem – your interpretation of the poem – in a multi layered-thinking approach.

Grading: Your book was graded on line but you also must add three images from your book and a hyperlinked title to your web page.

In addition, look through the books in My Shutterfly and choose two to reflect on. Send an email to your instructor discussing the the following as it pertains to each of the “Shutterfly” poetry books: What impressed you most about this book enough for you to choose it for this reflection? How successful were the photographers intentions in creating these images in relation to the poem? Give an example. What would you have changed to make this book better (from your perspective) as the photographer depicting this poem? Give an example.

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