Clay/Part 1 – Hand thrown Bowls with Markings

Bowls – Create 4 – 6 hand thrown bowls on the wheel. Each bowl needs to be at least 5″ wide x 4″ tall/deep up to 8-10″ wide x 5-8″ tall/deep with additional height (1/2″ – 3/4″) on bottom for wheel carved foot. Participate in the wheel-throwing demonstration. Watch demos and practice yourself.

Succulent cover – Complete a preparatory study of the clay succulent sculpture you intend to create: two hand thrown bowls @8-10″ diameter x 5-8″ tall with 3+ clay succulents in the bowl. All plants need to be glazed. Create two “succulent” covers to fit two of your bowls.

On two of the bowls add hand made markings from tools you have created from clay, found objects, etc. The markings need to be repeated in some manner around the bowl (inside or out).

Empty Bowl donation Рgreatly appreciated if you could donate at least two bowls to this school effort. If you choose not to donate it will not affect your grade negatively. Additional bowls made will be offered to Empty Bowl 2019.   Empty Bowl