Double Exposure Portrait

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Create a double exposure self portrait. The image(s) within your self portrait are to tell the viewer something about who you are as read aesthetically.

  1. Prepare all needed photographs. All images need to be 180 dpi, black and white and in comparable sizes to work together. Use portrait taken in class and other images can be from past Photo Essays.

2. Select the portrait and add it as a new layer on top of  the second “other” image.

3. On the self portrait layer delete the background – leave only your person. Use the magic wand tool (if the background is plain enough or the marque tool and cut out your portrait (right click>Layer via copy) to eliminate the background. Use the eraser tool to erase the background.Clean up edges with the “blur” tool.

4.With the background area from “self portrait layer” still selected go to the background layer and repeat the same step but this time removing the area around your face. This will leave a solid white background. Only your face (top layer) to showing. If you need to clean up “missed areas” do that with the magic wand tool.

5. Turn your portrait into a high contrast black and white (Image>adjustments>black and white> select the Blue Filter) then gradually bring up the light to provide you with a strong high contrast portrait. You want high contrast images for both the background and portrait.

Create a soft gradient (lt gray top(@5-10%)to white bottom) in the background only.

Change the Layers option from “Normal” to “Overlay”. This should provide you with the finished product. You should be able to see the face and the additional image.

Post to web site

Artist Statement     Write a paragraph about yourself and the image you chose. What did you intend the viewer to see (learn about you)? What do you intend the images to tell about you – other than the obvious? How did you choose to place the images as you did? What was lost (or found) in the process?

Upload the image (.jpg resized for web) and a hyperlink to your Artist Statement (WORD.doc) to your web page.