#1iMovie – Photo Slide Show

images (18)A good video has four core elements – images, written/spoken languages, sound, and sequence. With a bit of planning you can tell a story.

After the introduction in class begin working either by yourself or in a group of 2-3 to make a short 1-2 minute video. **Before shooting verbally present and review your story/pre-planning with Instructor.

Assignment #1  Photo Slide Show

As a group –
• select a theme or topic – (get approval before shooting from Instructor) – due 4/10

As an individual –
• take 20 photographs
• use a variety of shots (long, medium, wide, close-up) and compositions, angles (if needed), formal elements and principles.
• load images into iMovie
• sequence in an order of your choosing
• title your project
• add music – due 4/14
• export to vimeo – get instructions from instructor.  – will do together in class 4/17

All individuals – not “one for the group” – need to submit a video for credit. Grading will be taken from vimeo site.


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