Painting Intensity FINAL

In painting realistic three-dimensional images are created by controlling the light, reflections of color through intensity – tint and hue.

Each day will revisit the still lives studied at the beginning of the course. A different still life will be placed at the center of your table each day (sliced apples, cucumber, doughnuts and plums). A direct light source (other than the ceiling or windows) will assist you in finding the shadows as well as enhanse your ability to see color.  In your sketchbook sketch lightly sketch your composition – filling the page leaving an even border. Complete by painting with mixing color to provide the correct hues, tints and shades. Intensity is dulled by adding white or black to a color so try to work only with color. Be sure to add shadows underneath, on and in between pieces of cucumber.

Complete today and leave you sketchbook open in the drying rack for grading purposes. Grading will happen each night.