Photo Essay 6 – Industrial Photography

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A photo essay is a collection of images that are placed in a specific order to tell a progression of events, emotions, and/or concepts.

For this assignment plan on 30″ to shoot 50+ photos exploring the architecture of South Ridge School.

Be sure to include the tools for good photography: 5 shots; (macro, close-up, Medium-portrait, wide-half figure and long-whole room);  point of view (POV) which is observing your subject from an eye level, “bird’s eye view” looking down or “ant’s view” looking up that best expresses the “voice” of your essay; and “Rule of Thirds”.

From the 50 shots choose 15 that “tell the story” of South Ridge School’s architecture. Edit in PhotoShop using Edit > Brightness / Contrast and Hue/Saturation. Keep the color realistic and crisp. The photo essay must “hold together” – look like “one voice”. No ground (land), sky or living beings (people, animals) should be included in images.

Re-size the photographs to be 8″ x 10″, 180 resolution. Edit the original name to keep track of them and save them in their own folder separate from the original 50.

Save all images in “Industrial” folder/flash drive with the photo essay folder inside. Load your favorite four on to your page. Your complete essay will be graded from your flash and your web site.


Photo Essays on line: Global Oneness