Still Life-Color Study

You will complete a number of color studies based on a still life provided. Each one will take you one day to complete. You will have the full class time to draw and paint.

Black and White (BW), BW+Magenta, BW+Yellow, BW+Cyan, BW+Red&Green, BW+Orange/Blue, BW+Yellow&Violet, and Full Palette.

Each study will be 7″ square. Use the template provided to create the square in your sketchbook. Complete one study/page, no “back to back”.

1. Use the view finder to “find” a good composition.

2.Draw the composition out with pencil. Be sure to “break” all borders.

3. Using only the colors allowed for that study complete the still life. Represent values and hues by substituting appropriate colors. Everything should have a range of values. No flat color.

4. Clean up brushes and the center areas of you palette.

Grade will reflect completion of  8 color studies in the sketchbook demonstrating: accuracy of colors within each study; clean mixing of paint; variety of shades, hues and tints within each study; ability to create a clear gradation within a shape; and technical skill with the brush.


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