Silkscreen @ A Warhol

Assignment#1  Place a clear sheet of plastic on top of the portrait provided.  Using a black Sharpie create a black and white (high contrast) version of the image. No cross hatching – only solid black lines and shapes.

Assignment #2 On 4-up posterized image of yourself provided, use color pencils to complete three color study that have been “grayed out”. Limit yourself to four colors throughout. Do not repeat colors in the same place on images.

Printmaking-Silkscreen/Assignment #2a: A photo silkscreen of the entire class has been created from your BW image. Participate in the demonstration of  pulling a print using the silkscreen squeegee. Print a copy of the class portrait. Let it dry completely

Assignment #3b: On a BW only silkscreen print add rich vibrant color using color pencils, to the images – each box different flat color. Use no more than 8 “colors” throughout.