Hiroshige – 2-color Linoleum Block Printing

Linoleum block prints @Hiroshige.

Based on digital images taken of the architecture of South Ridge students will create a series of linoleum block prints in the style of Ando Hiroshige. Each print will have four seperate panels/sheet and be printed in two colors + black  (lightest to darkest with black being the last color). At least one of the colors needs to be a gradient.

Woodblocks of Ando Hiroshige

Introduction to linoleum block project, Ando Hiroshige and Edo period. Complete a minimum of six  to-scale drawings (based on digital photographs provided) in sketchbooks. (100 pts.)

Transfer drawings to linoleum blocks. Participate in safety demonstration to safe use of tools while carving. Begin carving for first color. No solid colors.


Week 1 – Print first color (50 pts.) and carve for second color.

Week 2 – Register and print second color (50 pts.) and carve for black.

Week 3 – Register and print black (100 pts.) Sign and date as instructed.

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