Creating Value through Lines

Value is created when lines are either far apart from each other – creating lighter values or darker values when lines are close together allowing less “white” to show. In addition the direction of the lines directs the eye up and down, around a subject. So, as light changes so does the line strength and the direction of the line.

Preparing the Art    1. Choose a simple portrait of a dog or cat from the internet and complete a drawing of the animal in your sketchbook. The drawing should be as large as possible with as much detail and shading (a couple of strong darker areas, 2-3 middle tones and a few low/lighter tones) as possible. This will be the art to determine our print. Check white board for due date.

Prepare a Printing Plate    Add one light coat overall to your hardboard (printing plate). You are priming your printing plate.

An enlargement of your artwork has been photocopied. You will use this photocopy to create your art.

Cover the back of the photocopy with matte medium and quickly lay on the top of your primed printing plate – be sure it is flat. Add additional coats with matte medium (2 light coats to cover). Let dry.

3. Use the corduroy to fill in values by cutting out the fabric – to size – and attaching it to the printing plate with matte medium. Consider the direction of the corduroy – it needs to show the 3-dimensional quality of the animal. Cut and attach to printing plate with even coats of matte medium. Do not overlay the fabrics. Be resourceful of the fabrics, cutting from the outside edges in. Use everything/waste as little as possible.

4. When the portrait is completed add two additional thin coats of matte medium to the top of the printing plate. Let dry thoroughly  overnight.

Printing your Art    As in the past work in teams to prepare paper (soak and blot), ink plates and run the etching press. Print three prints. They should be of equal quality( strong, clear ink) and centered on a clean sheet.

Signing and Dating your art   Sign with 2B pencil. First and last name under art in bottom right, full date underneath – all flush right. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 centered on each print – best being 1/3 and worst being 3/3