Printmaking Stuffed Animals>Pillows

An introduction to printmaking by creating stuffed animal reproductions on muslin. Stuffed animals, fish reproduction models, etc. are inked with textile inks and pressed into the cloth producing a clean 2D reproduction of the original 3D object.

Inspired by the Japanese traditional art of fish printing – gyotaku – fish rubbing. The purpose in reprinting the fish was to record the catch.

Preparation: Become familiar of all the options to reproduce available and prepare printing area, ink, ink plate, brayer and muslin.

Printing: Evenly ink the stuffed animal (or other mold) and print on to the muslin as clean a print as possible. The printed image will be used for the front of a pillow. After the ink dries, dry the muslin for atleast one hour to set the textile ink.

Sewing: Cut the muslin leaving 2 1/2″ border. With fronts facing each other sew the pillow together leaving a 4″ opening. Turn the pillow out and stuff with pillow stuffing. Hand sew (slip stitch) the opening closed.

Reference: Daniel Smith