Color Study – Analogous and Complimentary Color

jean-l6After research for an animal found in northern Minnesota draw your animal as large (not a lot of details) as you can on hard board provided. You are going for the outline of animal – contour – so, make it recognizable.

Once the picture is drawn, use a pencil and ruler and ‘shatter’ the picture. Make straight lines that go in various directions. Imagine broken glass that has large pieces. You don’t want to make so many lines that you end of having very small pieces to have to color in.

Using an analogous color for the animal and it’s analogous-compliment for the background  color in the piece almost solidly. Then, use white on one corner and color at an angle to about 1/3 of the way in the piece. Do the same thing with black on the opposite corner of the white coloring about 1/3 of the way. Use the original color to blend the black and white in. Make the background one color and the inside of the animal the other color in the scheme.

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