Value Gradation Drawing

value_gradation1. Apply graphite powder to your paper and rub lightly so that it creates a smooth medium gray cover.

2. In your sketchbook redraw the sphere you see here. Determine highlight, mid and darker tones. Determine the shadows – where the light cannot reach. Use the blending stick to go into areas creating a smooth gradation. No pencil “lines” or directional “smears” should be visible. Use the eraser to take away graphite as needed and replace graphite with your Ebony (4B) pencil).

Practice by completing at least three more spheres.

3. Looking at the eggs in the center of your table redraw them on the paper provided. The eggs should fill the page with a 2-3″ shaded background (as shown here). Use the graphite powder to start and complete with blending stick, erasers and Ebony pencils.152682-backliteggsrecortadobyn