Silk Resist – Radial and Rectangular Design

Radial Design repeats it’s pattern symmetrically from the center.

  1. To draw your radial design to scale trace the silk stretched ring on a large sheet of drawing paper with pencil. Divide the circle into 8 equal triangles. With a pencil create a design in one triangle and repeat it in each of the the triangles-creating a symmetrical radial design. Go over it with a black marker, This will be your template.
  2. Think about the colors you will use. You will have magenta, yellow and cyan. Color will be able to mix within shapes. See example.
  3. Once your design has been approved by your teacher lay your silk ring on top of the template and re-draw your design onto the silk with a brush/resist.

Tips for using resist: Be sure there are no breaks or gaps in the lines, or dye will escape. Also, check the back side of your piece to make sure the resist has penetrated all the way through. If it hasn’t, dye can bleed under your resist lines so you will need to apply resist to the back side as well. Add a line of resist all around the outside of the circle to hold dye inside the triangle. Let the resist dry before painting.

Tips for using dye: Apply the dye by dipping your brush into the color and apply the dye or paint sparingly to the center of an outlined area by touching the brush to the silk. Let the paint move to the resist line – do not apply the paint too close to the resist as water-based resist may begin to dissolve if the line becomes too saturated. If there is a gap in your resist line that you didn’t notice and the dye or paint starts escaping. When painting large areas such as backgrounds, work quickly, applying wet to wet to avoid unwanted lines. Blending colors happens best when dyes are wet.

Setting the Dye for Jacquard Silk Colors Jacquard will be completed by your Instructor.

Once the dye or paint has been properly fixed, it’s time to remove the resist. Clear water-based resist is removed by rinsing in warm water. Once the resist is removed, hang dry, then iron lightly while still slightly damp.

Silk Scarf – Rectangle  Complete a design (to scale) on white paper.. Using the resisit technique learned complete the above steps to complete a full color scarf. watch demo “stretching” the scarf on boards in class.