Andy Warhol Photo-silkscreen

Participate in a group photo shoot choosing a portrait – or double portrait to use for this project. Your image will be edited by your Instructor in PhotoShop providing you a high contrast BW image of the original photograph printed on to clear polystyrene as well as white paper.


Refer to the ink colors available and brainstorm where you will ant color. Use colored pencils to think through the various options. A total of two colors +black are to be used. Each quadrant is to have each color. This breaks up the color and moves the viewers eye around the image. Using black sharpie and black paper create the “positive” for your additional two colors.

Burning Photo silkscreens. Each person will need to work in a team to burn and clean their screens. Participate in the class demonstration.

Prepare your screens evenly with emulsion and dry screen overnight in dry room.

Using station provided in studio burn each screen for 15″. Be sure registration marks are in place. Wash out immediately. Let dry overnight.

Tape front and back with red silkscreen tape.

Screen prints

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