Shape Photo

tumblr_m03a3tZp8d1rpduoco1_500Create an image of a “shape”(square, circle, rectangle or triangle) using original photographs taken by you. Your final image will an image of a shape – square, circle, or triangle.  The shape is to be the dominate feature of this image so when shooting your images be sure to design the space around subject –  use high contrast (value, color, texture with your “personal inside-your-head view-finder” to take 25 +(5×5) or  36+(6×6) or 49+(7×7) or 56+(8×8) images. Save them at 100 dpi. Adjust the photos so they all are consistent dark/light values. Every image should be unique in your shape collage photo.

To begin create a new PhotoShop document – 10″ square, 100 dpi, and one inch border all around. Create a working grid of 8″x 8″ of one inch squares by dragging a ruler (blue line). Import and place your images into your document one by one. Your shape image will not be graded only on your ability to “make a shape”. Your grade will reflect the clarity of the shape, the tight connections of the images layers, overall contrast, texture and aesthetics.


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