Extra Credit @Andy Warhol – Photo silkscreen & PhotoShop

Maralyn-quad-295x300Based on the Warhol silkscreen prints with multiple color variations and a solid black high contrast photo you will create a set of prints based on a photograph of a few friends and you. Using PhotoShop you will

Participate in a group photo shoot. After looking through the images choose the best photo for you to reproduce.

In PhotoShop open the photo.
1. File>New.  Select the Move tool (arrow shaped  tool) and select File>Open up your (.jpg) photograph. Go to Image>Image Size to 6″ wide x “?” and resolution to 300.

2. Select  Layers menu>right click on the background layer and duplicate the background layer.

3.Select Image>Adjustments>Brightness & Contrast. Adjust the contrast to 100%. Using the Marquee too eliminate the background.

4. Select Filters>Sketch>Stamp. The intent is to create a black and white (high contrast) image with little distraction. Adjust the settings to create a smooth clean black and white image. Save this image as “the original name_BW1up.jpg” in “My Pictures”  folder “Printmaking”

5. Create a new “canvas” by selecting File New. Save it as  “the original name_BW4up.jpg” in “My Pictures”  folder “Printmaking”Be sure that the box in front of  “Constrain Proportions” is checked.  The new document size needs to be able to hold four images so choose width 12 and height with follow.

SuuKyi.2.Platon.2010SuuKyi.2.Platon.2010_BW1UPbw4UP6. Go back to the BW1up and with the marquess too (rectangle) select the entire image. Right click>select “Layer Via Copy”. You will notice that a new layer has been created with you image in it.

7. Select the “move” tool and click/drag your image on to the BW4up. Duplicate the layer 3 times. This will allow you to move you images around the page creating the four images side by side. Save.

8. With the BW4up chosen, select Layer>Flatten layers.Duplicate your background layer and add a new layer. Drag this new layer underneath the background duplicate layer.

9. Select the “Magic Wand” tool. Hide the original background layer by clicking on the “eye”. Select the duplicate background layer and select the white areas>Delete. A grey checker board pattern will show letting you know you have a transparent background. This allows color to be added to the art.  D

10. Decide which areas you are going to fill with which color. At the bottom of the tool menu double click on the black square. This will allow you to select another color. Choose three colors plus the final black high contrast photo.

bw4UP_color11. Save the PhotoShop document in your folder.

12. Save the resized jpg to your folder as well and post a “large” image to your web page.

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