Final – Botanical Illustration


Botanical Illustration has been done for centuries to record more accurate visual information about plant life. Photographs are helpful but through illustration a plant can be clearly drawn. Sectional drawing provide details not always available to see. Additional images provide comparative information showing the growth of a plant as it ages, time of year (showing flowers, fruit and seed pods all in one illustration) and root systems.

For your final complete a detailed realistic illustrative drawing of the plant in front of you (with out the container). It’s name will be on the card next to it and white board. Add three more drawings to your page clearly drawing the plants flower, additional buds, leaves, seeds (if there??), etc. Using colored pencils add rich color throughout (background should remain white). Entitle your page with the scientific and common name of the plant.

Your grade will reflect the quality of your page design (how you arranged the drawings together), quality of the drawing (is it a realistic and accurate rendering of that plant), use of colored pencil color and completion.