Stop Motion Animation 1 – iMovie and Stop Motion

In assigned groups of two people each, create an animation using Stop Annimaton and iMovie. You will be animating inanimate things. To start make a plan of what you intend the objects to do. Bring items into class so they will be ready the day you need to shoot.

  1. You will need to find a small collection of things (hot wheels, flowers, rocks, salt and peeper shakers, shoes, etc.) and a backdrop (brown paper, cloth, etc.)
  2. Prepare you space on the day you are shooting. If you are not shooting rehearse what you will be doing, research music for your completed video, etc.
  3. In one day – shoot a photograph of each movement – no less than 75 photographs. Keep background the same throughout. Both partners need to shoot an set of images.
  4. Load them into iMovie. Disable the “Ken Burns effect”
  5. Add a title (at beginning), Add credits (music, students creating video, who helped out?… the end)
  6. Add music.
  7. Save to your Drive. Share the animation with Ms. OlsonĀ

Controlling Ken Burns–it-s-easy-