Drawing Eyes – Graphite


Eyes are said to be a reflection of the soul. Looking at the eyes can often tell us how another person is feeling.
A photograph of “your eyes” has been taken by your instructor and a print out provided.To complete this drawing you will use graphite powder, Ebony pencils and an eraser.

  1. Evenly cover the paper provided with an even “medium” gray coat of graphite. Be careful not to spil it on the floor or get on yourself.
  2. Grid off your eye photocopy so you have 1″ squares over the eyes. Translate that to your drawing sheet so that you have 1″ = 4″.
  3. With your Ebony pencil redraw the contour of your eyes.
  4. Use your eraser to create the lighter values of gray. Completely erase the “white” reflections.
  5. Using your Ebony (4B) pencil add the darkest areas in and blend with tool.
  6. In the reflection add your own silhouetted profile, as seen in the photograph. Add a distinguishing detail that shows a personal goal of yours in the future.