“Koinobori”, carp windsocks, carp streamers or carp banners, decorate the landscape of Japan from April through early May, in honor of Children’s Day on May 5. In Japanese culture, the carp symbolizes courage and strength because of its ability to swim up a waterfall. The children’s festival is an event, expressing hope that each child in the family will grow up healthy and strong like wild carps. During this festival, people set up a warrior doll or a yoroi armor set in the house, and Koinobori, huge carp-shaped windsocks, outside the house.

In your sketchbook – Sketch out a realistc drawing of a Koi fish. Use your iPad to search out images. Draw additional sketches of  “your version” of a koi fish. Showing a scale design. Sketch how you might want the eye and fins to go as well. Choose two repeating motif/design to use on your koi fish scales.

On the muslin – Draw and cut out a stencil creating the pattern (out of freezer paper). Iron down the “outside” stencil and “inside” patterns. **Use the inside freezer paper to cut/create the repeating patterns for the scales. Clarify the eye and gills. Add additional paper allowing for two colors.

Apply textile paints with foam brushes. Allow to dry. Iron to set inks,

Finishing: Sew fish edges together creating the fish kite. add reed for mouth and hand sew fabric to cover the reed and keeping mouth “open”. Add hanger.

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