Comic Book!

Create a new page in ComicBook! app. for each assignment. Your page must include:

  • Headline – the topic of your page (example – Linoleum Block Print with Radial Design)
  • Subhead – a short descriptive phrase that adds details to the topic (example – Linoleum block study of a Northern Minnesotan Duck.)
  • 5 cells – each with one photograph (5 shots). These are images taken throughout the assignment. As you discover and learn a new skill, technique take a picture of that (demonstrated through your artwork) and add a text bubble describing that new observation/critique/knowledge. You can always go back and edit the page before turning it in on the last day of the project.
  • Text bubble in each cell – describe new insight into topic/assignment. Don’t rehash the assignment – tell us something new that you observed and/or learned. Critique your work.

Grading rubric: All of the above need to be on the page. The picture needs to show what the text bubble reads. Keep the page clean. Type is the same font throughout, images are focused and showing what you are talking about. Pictures need to be from throughout the project. Comments in the text box are not a “retelling of the assignment” but rather telling me what new information you learned. All text bubbles need to stay inside the page but not cover up images. Use correct spelling and grammar.

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