Codecademy – Graphic Design

codecademy-logo-e1413249893959As a 21st century learner we need to be able to read and write on the internet. Throughout the school year students will spend a portion of the design course learning code via codeacademy. Grading rubric is based on daily work/badges/time on task. You want to advance by 20 point/day. Programs we will be learning include HTML/CSS.

This is a beginners course. No previous knowledge required. Students may log into their course out side of class to work on projects. We are in this together! Internet permission slips must be turned in before beginning this assignment.

Begin by going to and create an account with your school email account at

enter your school gmail login
(last two numbers of the year you graduate) (first four letters of your first name) (first four letter of your last name)

Password   school gmail password

Select the “Catalog” found in the upper right. Select  the first lessons in “HTML”. If you have completed this course before – reset and do again. Be sure your Instructor has your initial points/badges recorded before you begin. At the end of each studio day bring up your “Profile” to show your instructor your day’s advancement: “Badges” and “Points”.

You should complete this assignment in 2-3 hours.