Umbrella Planetarium

Ojibwe Stories Retold by Carl Gawboy, South Ridge School-MSAB Arts Learning grant with Frank Theatre

Shingebis and the Wintermaker

The Great Flood-Creation Story

Fisher Saves the Birds From Skyland

© Annette Lee & William Wilson 20120813

Umbrellaplanetarium03Retelling the stories found in the star constellations was designed to share teachings over the years. Life lessons on humility or kindness, greed or courage have reminders in the sky we call constellations.

To begin we will spend time recalling the Greek, Ojibwe, and personal Star Maps. Constellations are complimentary images to stories that are based on wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, loyalty, and truth. Students will be given three topics to write on (Fantastic Binomial). Based on the stories written new star constellation images will be designed.  Created for our current northern hemisphere with stars available we will be gently reminded of  life lessons.

Using a black umbrella provided and metallic sharpie markers we will make our own “planetarium” recreating a number of star constellations including your own constellations by drawing them on the inside the umbrella with a shapie metallic marker. One metallic color for the Greek, one color for Ojibwe and one bold color for their own story.

Grading rubric: Timely completion of stories and images (into star constellations) based on current stars in the sky. Completion of  umbrella “planetarium” with overall star map highlighting Greek, Ojibwe and personal constellations.  All work is to be submitted neatly, studio time used efficiently and resourceful use of all materials/mediums with consideration for others.

Understanding the stars through stories has been one way people have taught their children about life and how to survive throughout the years and across cultures. Dr, Annette Lee of St. Cloud State, Physics Dept.; Carl Gawboy, local painter and teacher; and Prof. Jim Rock of the University of MN shared what they know about the Greek, Ojibwe and Dakota Star Maps (Teacher Workshop Summer 2012,FDLTCC).

Since then art instructor C.Olson has been developing a Star Map lesson for 7th grade art students. Supported through the ISD2142 American Indian Student Services-Culture-Based Arts Integration grant through the University of Minnesota, Olson has been developing standard-based curriculum that embeds Minnesota Ojibwe culture and history into her arts curriculum.

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