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75Spirit Path_MMAA
Image: Collection Minnesota Museum of American Art, Acquisition Fund Purchase
Spirit Path, New Day, Red Rock Variation: Lake Superior Landscape, 1990
Acrylic and pastel on paper, 22 ½ x 30 1/8 in.

George Morrison painted landscapes and water-scapes most often by breaking up the space – 1/4 sky and 3/4 land or water. This composition decision was based on growing up on the shores of Lake Superior where he spent a lot of time looking out at the water.

Based on a landscape images provided recreate the landscape on large paper provided using oil stick paint. Oil sticks require application and blending colors, drying and adding additional color.

Observe the oil stick demonstration after watching the video on Morrison. Tape off your paper and complete the landscape.

Grades depend on successful completion of assigned landscape, technically using the oils ticks to blend color while retaining the original color intensity and value, and maintaining the 1/4:3/4 composition ratio.

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