Stop Motion Animation 3 – iMovie and Stop Motion Apps

In groups of 2 everyone writes a creative story based on the FB. Choosing a words from each of he these three lists: types of transportation, prepositions and best place to visit with friends in winter. Share stories in small groups. Choose a story for your group to animate. (Instructor will help edit story as well)

Day 1-4: Set Design: Using a cardboard box create back drop – set – for your animation. Create figures with sculpture wire and cloth, electricians tape and found objects. Land forms are built up with paper mache’ and other materials (wool, fake snow, etc.) Construct buildings and landscape items out of cardboard. Work together prime all surfaces. Use paints provided to complete the landscape and items to move in the animation. Each day a short tutorial will be given on how to create these things using cardboard and papermache’, fabric and wire.

Day 5-8: Shooting pictures: Shoot all of the pictures needed to tell your creative story on one iPad. Be sure lighting is consistent. Watch two videos found below for assistance.Use the iPad “holder” and tape the camera holder into place. Mark the set with tape (on the table) to assure things are in the same place.

In iMovie each picture will be 3 sec. Photograph each movement with as many pictures needed to best tell the story. (not too many, not too few).

Day 8-10: Editing the video: Take turns editing the images (removing the Ken Burns effect and making each image as small as possible, about 3 sec)

Add a title at the beginning of the animation and credits at the end. (Ken Burns on with 6 seconds?)

Add music.

Export video. to Movie on iPad.  Upload to vimeo (get vimeo account from Instructor or make your own account and share information with Instructor) Share with Instructor and class.

Controlling Ken Burns–it-s-easy-