Wire and Recycled Metal Sculpture

chameleon1_medtinbug1_medInspired by artists around the world that recycle  on a daily basis to survive – we will create an insect of lizard out of wire and sheet metal.

Drawing: Choose an insect of lizard on line and create three contour drawings – from the front/top, side and back views. Include the common and scientific name of your insect of lizard, it’s habitat and what it likes to eat. Due 2-2-2015

Sculpture: Create an insect of lizard – No longer than a pop can –  proportionate in size overall. Use atleast one color/pattern sheet of metal and appropriate gauge wire. Participate in the safety discussion on use of tin snips and cutting sheet metal. Your insect is an imaginative version of your “bug” drawing.

Rubric: Your insect or lizard must stand on it’s own legs. All edges need to be safe and clean. Bends in the metal and wire should be purposeful. Wire ends wrapped up into the sculpture in a meaningful visual way. Keep the insect aesthetically nice to look at. Due during class 2-6-15.