Current Events and Juxtaposition – Poster Design

This two-part lesson will combine what you have learned working with PhotoShop (selection tools, photo editing options, blending modes, and color replacement tool) to create a collage image to be used in InDesign with a “one word” poster.

Research: Choose a current event from the past year. Participate in a group discussion – brainstorming initial ideas. Read 4+ articles on the subject.* Create a collage image to tell the story of that current even demonstrating what you have learned about juxtaposition and storytelling in art.

*In your Juxtaposition Collage Poster Assignment folder save the source (URL source addresses/hyperlink) on a word document. All images you gather must be credited as well so list these images with their URL source hyperlinked. These are not “google” links but links to the actual sources. Keep a clear record of what you use in your collage. 

Also, in your assignment folder have a “Juxtaposition Collage Images” folder.

Lastly, this folder holds all versions and copies of the poster clearly idetified. You will have one Instructor critique and one group critique before the final art is turned in.

Research  Read 4 or more articles.

  • LA Times
  • The Nation
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Washington Post
  • Huffington Post
  • New York Times
  • MN Public Radio National Public Radio

Current Events, March 2018:

  • Thomas Fires/CA Fires
  • DACA/Dreamers
  • NRA/Gun Laws
  • North Korea, South Korea/Olympics
  • School Shooting in Florida/School Shooting in general
  • Water Shortage in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Water Contamination/Lack of Water in Flint, Michigan
  • Enbridge Pipeline/Water Quality/Sulfide Levels/Nickel Mining
  • Flu Outbreak?
  • Welfare and Immigrants – Muslim?
  • Opiate Crisis in MN
  • Hurricane in Puerto Rice/Florida/Texas and Climate Change
  • Driver less Cars and Tesla
  • Microfibers in the water – Fleece and synthetic fabric washing practice
  • 3M Pollution Settlement for $850 million


Assignment Part 1:   Collage   Find and use 10+ images related to your current event on the internet. Document each image photographer by referencing it on your Word document as you use them in your collage. Use the techniques learned in 1st semester to build your collage.

Collage should be 7+ images edited in PhotoShop added to a 11″ x 17″, 300 dpi PhotoShop document.  As you design the collage remember you will be including “one word” reversed out somewhere from the collage.

  • Black and White
  • PhotoShop / Posterization/High Contrast
  • Triple Portrait – weaving images together
  • PhotoShop/Selective Color
  • PhotoShop/Transparent Color
  • Panographs
  • Combining two or more images into one image, Balancing Light
  • Double Exposure
  • Others???

Assignment Part 2:  One word    What is the event you are describing visually? What is the juxtaposition? What one word sums it all up?Complete poster layout in InDesign. Participate in class demonstration of layout in InDesign.
Overall Poster (horizontal or vertical) size can be no larger than 11″ x 17″. Adjust the size of the poster to accommodate your image. Posters can be minimally trimmed as needed.

Grading Criteria: Your poster needs to adhere to a grid and margins. You must have 7+ unique images or more in your collage, and a one-word title reversed out of the collage. The poster image needs to reflect the title and the current event. The collage needs to be eye-catching and compelling – telling the story through juxtaposing images blended together into a collage. Participation in the final group critique.

  1. Assignment folder organization, emailing assignments/sharing “Drive folder” and posting on the web site.
  2. First Instructor critique/via shared Drive folder
  3. Group critique/class discussion
  4. Final Instructor Critique/web posting & flash drive assignment folder/Drive folder


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