Portrait Painting

“Is it OK if I take your picture?”
So there I was, almost every weekend walking around in Orchard Road, waiting to be struck by a face. And whenever that happens, I ask “Is it ok if I take your picture?” along with an unassuming smile. I’ve always considered myself lucky whenever I get a ‘yes’ from a stranger. Some would say ‘sure’ immediately, which is always a wonderful surprise for me 🙂 Others would be a little wary and ask ‘what for?’ I would tell them exactly what I’m doing: shooting portraits of people in Orchard Road… a personal project for my portfolio. It’s surprising and touching how many people would be supportive of this.





























Based on the photography work of Danny Santos students will grid off the provided 5″ x 7″ photograph and posterized photograph. Grid the photographs off in 1″ squares. Label the horizontal (numbers) and vertical (letters). Transfer the image using contour line on to a sheet of canvas paper – 200% (10″ x 14″ – 2″ squares).

Use the posterized image as your primary reference. It will allow you to see the “darks” and “lights” more clearly. Draw the shapes of the various colors.



Using acrylic paint, begin with the background. Add mixed, full color (layer and mix hues to create new hues, shades, tints and tones) color. Blend colors together once the contrast has been established.

Complete the portrait using the same technique.

Grade is based on completion of the painted portrait; brush control, mixed hue, tint, tone and shade; contrast; gradation of hue; ability to demonstrate volume.