Ojibwe PuckerToe Moccasin – Guest Artists – K Savage-Blue & W Savage

Applique Toe Piece – You have been given two black velvet toe pieces on which you are to applique a beaded design of your choice. Participate in the demonstration by guest artist, Wendy Savage (late November and early December). Your Instructor will assist you as well. Supplies are provided to work at home as well as in school.

Toe pieces are due – completed in class – January 3, 2019
No elk will be cut for your moccasins until the toe pieces are completed.

Fitting the Moccasin Pattern – In mid-December Wendy and Karen Savage will come to the studio to assist each of you – one by one – in making a pattern for your feet. By December 11th have an accurate tracing of both your feet completed on white drawing paper (leave a border – 1 sheet/foot)

Elk hide has been purchased by the ISD 2142 art dept. with generous support of JOM parents. The personalized patterns will be made based on the foot tracing. Demonstrations of the process will be shared December 20 – 21 in class.

Complete Sewing Moccasins in January 2019 – Guest artists Wendy and Karen Savage will join our class again through January. Moccasins are to be completed by January 17th.

This project is made possible through a grant from Essentia Health, Duluth and ISD 2142 Art Department and ISD 2142 American Indian Student Support/JOM Parent Committee.