Ojibway Beaded Band – Repeated Motif

shea-hatband-beading-pattern-original (2)Inspired by Ojibwe beadwork students will create a repeating motif using a minimum of three colors of beads x 7 beads wide.

To begin, complete a beading worksheet of your ideas.

3 Ideas – Using the grid paper and color pencils provided  create a minimum of three unique designs with a repeating motif. Additional graph sheets are available. To begin beading you must have completed three proposals with the motif repeating at least four times.

Color choices – Which colors look best on you? Color must have good contrast and ones that you like. Black and white are to be used  minimally.

No numbers or names, symbols or logos. Only geometric shapes and line, pattern and color.

Once your design is approved your Instructor will prepare the beading loom for you. Observe the demonstration so you can prepare you own loom in the future.

Beading – Participate in the beading demonstration, even if you already know what to do. There are always tips to share for making the beading process easier and more successful. Your beaded band needs to be 5-6″ long. Gather the beads (in order from pattern) on to the needle, go underneath the warp string- in between each warp string, push beads above and hold with your finger and pull the needle through. Be careful not to lose your thread – hold the thread on the needle – do not tie your thread to the needle. Return the needle through the beads (above the warp strings) Keep your edges even and try not to drop any beads “below the warp stings”. If you do you can correct that by going through again but consider how mush thread is going through the beads – there is a limit. Relax and enjoy!

Studio – Never take beads without permission. Hold the bead saucer and the loom with two hands. Saucers slip easily and break – beads or lost. Keep track of you needle and keep it with you in your bead saucer. Stay seated. Take breaks when offered them. Keep conversations quiet, at your table and about good things so that everyone can contribute.