Airbrush Exploration – Stencils & Banksy

6a00d8341c766153ef019aff9268c7970d-500wi Explore the airbrush, stencil and transparent color by completing individual and class compositions.

Printmaking Studio: In sketchbook draw a fish. Re-draw your image as a design (12″ x 8″) – in three colors. Using an x-acto (cut on hardboard) create three detailed stencils – no extra pieces to keep track of – make sure everything connects.  Your stencils will need to overlap – creating an additional colors from the two original transparent colors overlapping.

Create three variations of your image using the airbrush.

Computer Studio: After “Street art/Bansky” lecture brainstorm images and social concerns for youth in our area. Talk with your instructor about your intended image(s) and intended walls.

After choosing a couple of “walls” in the school for your street art. Photograph your wall with digital 35mm . Photograph a model (friend) in the pose you want to have “stenciled” on the wall.

  1. Download your images from the camera into a file folder (keep in My Documents).
  2. Open PhotoShop (@ observing demonstration in the photograph of the wall and the model (figure). lass).
  3. Upload a photograph of the wall and one of the figures you intend to “add to your wall”
  4. Crop the image of the figure so it is “close to” the size it needs to be.  Resize both photos to 8″ x 10″, resolution 300.
  5. Duplicate the background layer on both images.
  6. On the photograph of the figure-select your figure by using the lasso marque tool.
  7. Select by right click>/select layer via copy. Check-off the  “eyes” on the background layer – these should make them disappear.
  8. Use the magic wand tool, blur and smudge tools to clean up the edges of the image.
  9. Once the image looks like you want it to look with no background at all. With the black-white colors chosen on tool bar, select Filters>Sketch>Photocopy. Adjust the tool to make the best images possible. Select O
  10. Delete all of the white with the magic wand>delete.
  11. Using the move tool (arrow) drag the photocopy image on top of your wall image.
  12. Position and resize image. Edit>Transform>Perspective to fit the wall if needed. Do not distort in an unreal way. The height and width must stay the name proportions.
  13. “Save for Web and Devices” with the title”Your Name_Banksy”.

Email the jpg with a reflection about the social issue your silhouette addresses. Include: Why that wall? What are your intentions for the viewer to see when they look at your image? Why this theme? What is the change or enlightenment you hope to bring by creating this image? Attach your .jpg and send to

street_art_64_banksy 10-i-am-father-banksy-canvas-print banksy09 My_Own_Banksy_by_HaZel2388
newbanksy2 _60269167_banksy1 Banksy_Napalm_HR_400k Bansky-Flower-Brick-Thrower.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA banksy Banksy 2 2 new-banksy-new-york2

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