Winter Count

Bi-weekly post in your winter count. Use an image you have taken that represents your experiences Рnot just from the assignments but as you take pictures each day.

Create a page on your web site called Winter Count with a table 5 rows by 4 columns (Dreamweaver). Add an image every other Friday. Be sure that your “widgets” allows for the “Pages” to show up on the opening screen. (Appearance>Widgets>drag Pages into the side column or another area where other widgets show up-easily seen by the viewer)

Points will be gathered after each assignment.

Winter Count 

Images are to represent a variety of experiences. Choose significant images to represent what is the most significant experience from the past week such as:

  • relative visits (Aunt visits, sister returns from service, etc.)
  • school dance or game (participate or observe)
  • birthday or holiday gathering
  • trip (significant travel, new experience from new place, etc.)
  • book read
  • pet (new pet, pet skills achieved, etc.)
  • job (event from work, new responsibility, etc.)
  • family news (new baby, death of loved one, new garage, etc.)
  • personal enlightenment (justice, personal service, etc.)
  • goal met (walked mile each day, passed English assignment, etc.)
  • realization in life (truth, lies, sharing, etc.)
  • community event attended
  • natural disaster (blizzard, flood, etc.)