A mukluk is a high, soft boot that is worn in the American Arctic and is traditionally made from  reindeer or sealskin. Mukluks were made to be light, to enable hunters to move quickly and quietly through the snow. They usually had a lining of animal fur to keep the hunter’s feet warm. While not ideal for the average winter wearer, these boots provide breathability in extreme cold conditions. It is this ability for feet to breathe that prevents frostbite.

Properly sized mukluks are the same as shoe size, except when the shoe size is a half size. If a buyer wears a half size, they should round down to the next whole size. If this buyer were to buy a size 9 mukluk, it would be much too loose within a few months.

The height of the boot they would like.  Generally, they are available in two sizes: 13 inches (short) and 16 inches (tall). The circumference of this piece of the boot is about 17 inches, on average. This part is made to stretch and fit calves of all sizes. We will use exterior grade canvas – red, beige, or blue.

We will use elk hide for the bottoms and toe pieces with rabbit fur trim. Toe pieces designs need to be completed with a variety of materials including: braided (made on inkle loom) band, glass beads, deer hide, and felt.


Toe Piece Design – Create three distinctively different toe piece designs based on botanical or geometric shapes in your sketchbook.

Consider a simple circle created with the inkle loom band. Layers of black velvet or leather “cut out” areas can create a beautiful simple, strong design. Choose one design and complete your two toe pieces – matching.

Trace the actual toe piece pattern (in the correct size). Select all materials (Rabbit fur, black velvet, woven band, beads, etc. that you need – keep color unified.   Watch the stitching demonstrations. All stitches need to be even and regular and use imitation sinew as thread.

Sewing the Boot – Once the toe pieces are completed observe the demonstration on how to sew the boot.

Adding the Legging Gator – Once the boot and toe piece are securing sewn together as demonstrated by your instructor decide the height of the boot legging. Measure out the canvas, add complimentary design (from the toe piece) to the top edge of the legging.

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