Triple Portrait


1.Participate in the class portrait photo shoot.

2.Open 3 portraits. Resize each one to 10 x 14, 300 dpi. Edit each image (Hue/Saturation, Light/Contrast) – you want all of the images to look the same in tone and lighting.

3.Select one portrait as your base (anchor) image.

4. Use the “marquee” tool (rectangle) to select the facial feature you want to choose>right click>”Layer via copy”.  With the “move” tool, move the selected image on to the anchor photograph. Repeat with at least eight different features recreating a new portrait out of the three portraits.

4. Once the portrait is complete save it as a “your initials_3Friends.psd (PhotoShop) document.

5. Flatten the layers. Resize your final “3Friends.psd” to 6″ x 8″, 100 dpi. Save as 3Friends.jpg

6. File>Save for Web> 3Friends_web.jpg

7. Resize all three original portraits to 6″ x 8″ 100 dpi

7. Upload all four portraits in a 4-cell table to your web site in a new post.

Due 10/5 posted on web site. All images need to be in a folder on flash drive.