Chuck Close Value Study in BW

Complete Value study “guideline” in sketchbook.

1. Select an 8′ x 10″ photograph. Measure a grid using ruler marking at one inch intervals on top/bottom and sides of photograph. Draw line on photograph with ruler. Each one inch square will be transferred to each 2 inch square on the students’ work.

2. Mark a 1 inch border at top of 18″ x 22″ white drawing paper provided. Measure grid at 2 inch intervals at top, bottom and sides of paper. Draw grid using ruler – being careful to insure lines are straight and exactly one inch apart.

3. Concentrate on the value of a square in the photograph and replicate the value in the corresponding square on their drawing. Most successful work comes from being able to “see” the value and not get lost in line or object. In this way, it now became an exercise in seeing and perception. Each square in your grid is a small “work of art”. Use Fine tip markers and Ultra fine tip markers.  (Experiment on scrap paper)

4. Create a variety of textures using line – develop some strong areas of contrast – some patterns will have solid areas of black. Some areas will have a very faint texture/line quality.

5. Be sure to study your work from a distance from time to time as you work. Critique when finished – How does your work compare to the work of Chuck Close?

Evaluation for completed artwork completed   Does art demonstrate awareness and understanding of the work of Chuck Close? Was the ruler used successfully to make a grid and enlarge a photograph to scale? Were different values reproduced that using line, texture and pattern?


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