Photo Essay #5 – Culture

What is cultural identity, what is national identity, what is personal identity? Especially for someone like me who is not born in China, like a lot of Chinese people or like my relatives that look at me and say “You’re not really Chinese.” So how does Chinese-ness migrate? In China, what is the idea of Chinese-ness? Also one of the biggest questions that any child of immigrants has is what they would have turned out like, how they would have turned out if their family had never left. That would mean me going back to my parent’s village, or nearby and photographing myself as other people. Say that someone stands as a gallery guard in front of building, for like four hours completely still; I would do that literally in their clothes and set it up so that they photograph me and then I photograph them. Then I would put the photographs together; it’s just different ways of getting at identity and for me to experience another person’s reality.” – WYH, DePaul University Interview, April 2013


Wing Young Huie talked about our cultural identities – how we feel we reflect our culture. Collect photographs over the holiday break that describe A part of your cultural daily life. What do you (and your family) do? Do you do the same things as other families around here – or do you do things differently?

Take 40 photographs with varied POV (10 close-up shots, 10 wide shots, 10 medium shots and 10 long shots.) and create one animated gif.  Be sure your control lighting and incorporate Rule of Thirds. All images are due in class Monday, November 26th.

In class on the 26th:

  1. Edit the photographs down to 20 images – 5 close-up, 5 wide shots, 5 medium shots and 5 long shots. Vary the POV. Edit for lighting.
  2. Complete Animated gif.

In class on 27th: Load completed Photo Essay #5  (4 best images), an animated .gif and Artist Statement to new post.