Photo Essay #2 – Rule of Thirds

 Photo Essay #2  “Document a Local Event” Homecoming week is the first week in October. Choose an event (or two) to photograph using the “Rule of Thirds”. Incorporate the 5 shots and a variety of POV.

Suggestions: Coronation, Lip Synch, Assembly, Sports event, Dress-up days (5 days), Dance, etc.
Bring the camera to any event requires you hanging on to the camera. If you need to hand it off to a chaperone you need to make arrangements and approve them with me before you check out the camera.


Rule of Thirds: Place them at one of the intersections on the rule of thirds grid to give the shot a clear focal point. Here the main subject has been placed at one of the intersections, and also along one a vertical line. The twig roughly follows the top horizontal line.

Photos due in class 10/1 Posted on web page due 10/2 with hyperlinked Artist Statement describing the event and what you intend people to learn through your photo essay.