Matisse and Color

Henri Matisse was known for his patterns and unique understanding of color. Portraits and still life were always embellished with flat patterns and extreme color.

Introduction to painting

Preparing your canvas    Tape a canvas/paper onto the drawing board leaving an even 1/2″ masking tape border. Write your name on the masking tape.

Still Life   2-3 still lives have been set up in the art studio (similar to what Matisse might have chosen to paint). Be sure you can see the still life directly in front of you – move yourself (within reason) so you do not need to turn you head to see the still life.

Paint Medium   We will be using an acrylic paint. This is a permanent plastic paint.

Paint Brush Tool – Use a round and flat brush. Brushes need to remain in water once they have been used.

Painting Demonstration  Begin by painting/drawing your composition with a round paint brush using “Bone Black”.Fill the entire canvas with the composition. Add details (patterns) throughout.

Add color – each color needs to be in three-plus different places. Add patterns with contrasting color on top of solid color. We are referring to the work of Matisse and using the technical skill demonstrated in his work. No blank canvas should be left.

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