Shattered Drawings – Value Study

foundation-022You will be provided with a photograph of an animal portrait. With a 2H pencil complete a contour line drawing of the animal portrait off center.

Break up/divide (shatter) your image with radial lines, like sun rays shining out from one point. The dividing lines must overlap the drawing of your subject. This will make your initial line drawing more visually complicated (and interesting!). The effect is to create many more shapes, like a giant puzzle.

Fill the shapes in your image with a range of black to grey. Look at each shape and decide which area should start with the richest black and which should be the lightest gray.The subject and background are opposites.

In your drawing, focus on each individual shape. Fill the entire paper with values including both the positive shapes and the negative background shapes. Consider each space a new shape in which to apply the entire range of value (black to light gray), switch value application with each space and line that you cross (alternating from one shape to another). You may also want to alternate the direction of the shading in order to emphasize it.

Complete this portrait in class today – positive shapes of the subject and negative background shapes. Take your time and do it right. Keep your pencil sharp. Use your eraser when needed.

Grading Rubric applies