Haring Murals

Artist Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania. He moved to New York City in 1978 and began using the city as his canvas, making chalk drawings in subway stations. His art was eventually seen everywhere from public murals and nightclubs to galleries and museums around the world. He was also known for his activism in promoting AIDS awareness. He died of AIDS-related complications on February 16, 1990, at age 31.


In small groups you are going to reproduce one of Haring’s paintings large! A Haring paintings has been reprinted in color for your group. A grid has been prepared showing you how you can proportionally enlarge or make smaller an image. This technique has been used by Ancient Egyptians and the ancient Romans when creating the beautiful mural we find even today.

On the white corrugated card board  (4′ x 8′) grid off your artwork. Draw with a 2B – square by square – on to the white corrugated board. Once the drawing is complete compare it to the original. It should be proportionality correct – look just like the original art.

After the demonstration of using acrylic paint, as a group work out who is going to work on what: Are you going to stay with the same color and complete all the area on the mural that are that color? Are you going to be responsible for only on portion of the mural/all of the colors? What will work best?

Complete the painting. Let the paint dry and add an additional coat to cover up all of the white corrugated board.

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