iMovie Video #4 – Storyboard

sb_templatePromotional-Videos-Storyboard1Determining what you demonstration video will look like takes planning. Use the video storyboard planning sheet ( see below) that suits you best and plan out a one minute demonstration video. Drawings can be simple but should show gesture and convey enough of the idea to tell your Instructor what they are going to see in the end. Clarify the sequence and connections between shots….how is the viewer carried from one clip to the next? Why? Distinguish the lighting (contrast), camera movement (what the viewer sees), POV, and 5 shots. Your video needs to tell us the story through words,video and still images. It needs to include appropriate music – holding the video together. Shoot all scenes using the Flip Video camera (loads into Movie Maker easily). storyboard 1    storyboard2

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