Star Maps 2012-13

Understanding the stars through stories has been one way people have taught their children about life and how to survive throughout the years and across cultures. Dr, Annette Lee of St. Cloud State, Physics Dept.; Carl Gawboy, local painter and teacher; and Prof. Jim Rock of the University of MN shared what they know about the Greek, Ojibwe and Dakota Star Maps to teachers last summer at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. Since then art instructor C.Olson has been developing a Star Map lesson for 7th grade art students. Supported through the ISD2142 American Indian Student Services-Culture-Based Arts Integration grant through the University of Minnesota, Olson has been developing standard-based curriculum that embeds Minnesota Ojibwe culture and history into her arts curriculum.

The stories of the star constellations were designed to share information over the generations as well as teach life lessons. This past month South Ridge 7th graders studied the Greek, Ojibwe, and Dakota Star Maps. They wrote their own constellation stories based on wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, loyalty, and truth. The student’s stories and star constellations can be found in our night sky star map and were illustrated on to scratchart boards.

In addition to study star maps and establishing a better understanding of our night sky it is important for young people to understand that they can write their own interpretations and history, teach others how to live and survive better on this earth, and share their interpretation and understanding. The arts allow for independent layered thinking – the kind of integration of disciplines and skills that provide a rich quality of life.

Students were also able to visit the University of Minnesota’s Alworth Planetarium, Tweed Museum and the College of St. Scholastica’s Computer Science Dept. funded through a Target Travel grant.

Due Feb 13th 100 pts.
Grading Rubric is based on completion of the Student’s Star Map based on their 7 stories (7 Teachings). Map should include some Greek constellation to indicate new constellation locations. Clarity and control of line, shape and color. Title and seasons (months) clear.

Due Feb 6th – UM trip 50 pts

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