Figurative Sculpture – wire and brown paper with paper mache’

Understanding gesture and how the body balances itself out while standing is much clearer when working with wire. Alexander Calder and Hope Atkinson are two artist that have explored wire and found materials (fabrics, paper and objects) to repurpose into sculpture.

Create a wire figure in motion. You may start with your figure standing but then bend the wire to create a movement. Secure the standing figure on to a sculpture base. The figure must stay securely upright. Use the wire to build on to the “skeleton” armature. You figure should have reasonable proportions. Add wire to build “muscle” on to your figure.

With ripped brown paper strips and paper mache’ carefully cover the wire creating a “skin”. Keep edges down and clean. Once the figure is complete add clothing to support the movement your figure is holding.

Using acrylic paint, add color to the clothes, shoes, hair, and face details.