Semester I Final Exam – Drawing and Painting

Value_Color_StudiesThis semester we have studied composition, color and value.  We have developed images that hopefully share with the viewer a bit about ourselves.

Part 1 – In your sketchbook create a chart showing three color studies: a gray scale and two colors that are complimentary to each other. The chart should have one inch color swatches, 6 variables for each study. See the example below. Be neat and careful.

Part 2 – Complete 4 contour drawings (use viewfinder) on paper provided. Use a template to create four windows to complete the drawings. Keep a one inch exterior border with 1/2″ between the four studies. The drawings should be as similar as possible. Each drawing is to be drawn from the still life in the computer lab. Be sure to break all borders. 

Part 3 – Paint each contour drawing in these color studies: one gray scale, one gray scale and one complimentary color, one gray scale and the other complimentary color. Turn completed color study and sketchbook with color swatches in by 3:15 on January 17th.


Complimentary colors swatches need to be the same colors in final color studies.

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