501 Digital Art

242068_sAccording to the world we live in digital art moves nearly everything we see and hear. Creating work that will clarify visually current issues of communication and information is at the edge of all that is important.

Along with being visually clear understanding computer code is required. 1.4 M computer specialist job openings are expected in US by 2018. Creative hardworking students interested in learning computer science using logic and art will be given opportunity.

In this course we will learn basic code through Codecademy, create programmable-wearable art, create simple electronic musical instruments, design visual images with open source programs and much more. It is an ever changing field and the more we can adapt and accept these changes the better.


Student Web Page: Students need to maintain a clear web page with each assignment being submitted through a Post. Choose themes that best reflect your interests. Readability is critical “on line” so make your site clear.

Assignments:  You will be graded from this web page as well as through email and Google Drive shared submissions. Keep your information organized by folders.

email: Maintain and use your school email and school password to “sign up” into online programs throughout this course (Scratch, Processing, Tinkercad, etc.) Check you email daily as you may receive information and critique from your instructor, If you have questions/concerns email your instructor.


501 2D Visual Art: Digital art+code (1 semester daily)
#0501 Grade level: HS 9-12 (Elective)

Basic html course with some open source exploration. Students will create web pages demonstrating technical code writing  skills and competency in creating digital art works. Students will create original personal work that demonstrates their understanding of personal, social, cultural, and historical contexts that demonstrates and understanding of the elements and principles of digital art.

Standards: Artistic Foundations:1.1,1.2,1.3 Artistic Process: Create or Make 2.1